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All-In-One Image CAPTCHA Pro


Adds special honeypots and an image captcha to your WordPress forms. Form support includes:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms
  • WPForms
  • WooCommerce (login, registration and checkout)
  • WordPress login, Lost Password and registration forms
  • WordPress Comments (limited to default comment system for now)
  • … support for other forms to be added in future releases

Looking for documentation?

Documentation can be found at the bottom of this page, including installation instructions, Troubleshooting, and FAQs. You can also visit the KC Computing YouTube channel which includes instructional videos on how to use the All-in-one Image CAPTCHA Pro plugin.

The 1 Site License is good for 1 site installation and free updates for the life of the product. The 5 Site License is good for 5 site installations and free updates for the life of the product. The Unlimited Site License is good for an unlimited number of sites and free updates for the life of the product.

REQUIRES AT LEAST PHP7 and tested up to PHP8.1
Tested with WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cache, but should work with any speed optimization plugin.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason the plugin does not work AND I am unable to resolve the issue through our ticket systems I will refund you your purchase. 🙂

Free VS Pro

GDPR compliant
Advanced Honeypot 
ADA/a11y compliant 
Custom CAPTCHA text 
Custom CAPTCHA errors 
Custom CAPTCHA styling 
Custom icons 
Lazy loading 
New captcha on submit 
Login screen support 
Custom login screen 
WooCommerce support 
Gravity Forms support 
WPForms Support 
SVG shortcode 


  • Toggle functionality to hide CAPTCHA until the user interacts with the form [cf7ic “toggle”]
  • GDPR compliant
  • ADA/a11y compliant
  • Simple to use settings page
  • Custom text
  • Custom error messages
  • Full custom styling using our style generator
  • Select which icons you wish to use
  • Use icons from Font Awesome
  • Custom icons using your own SVG
  • Customize the icon titles
  • New image CAPTCHA each time form loads or submitted
  • Loads with ajax so as not to be cached by caching plugins
  • Lazy loading added to reduce website load time
  • Gravity Forms support
  • Optional CAPTCHA for default WordPress login screen
  • Optional CAPTCHA for default WordPress registration screen
  • Customize the default WordPress login/registration screen
  • Optional CAPTCHA for WooCommerce login form
  • Optional CAPTCHA for WooCommerce registration form
  • Optional CAPTCHA for WooCommerce Checkout
  • Use custom SVG’s throughout your site using the included shortcode
Supported Languages
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Spanish (MX)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Bulgarian
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • German Formal – Thanks Sandro Lucifora
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Persian
  • Turkish
Installation Instructions

Step 1: Get the pro plugin after purchase (If you did not receive a download link by email)

  • Login to the KC Computing website
  • Next, go to the Purchase History  page
  • Once on the purchase history page, click “View Details and Downloads” on the plugin you wish to download
  • You should now see the License Key and a link at the bottom of the page which allows you to download the plugin again.

Step 2: Install and activate the plugin

  • After you have downloaded the plugin, login to your own site
  • Go to the Plugins page
  • Click the “Add New” button
  • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page
  • Click the “Choose File” button
  • Select the Contact Form 7 Image CAPTCHA Pro plugin zip file
  • Click “Install Now”
  • Once installed activate the uploaded plugin.
  • Clear Cache*

Please notes that if you have the free version of the plugin on your site, it should automatically be deactivated once the pro has been activated. Please do not get the two plugins confused as they are two individual plugins that are not connected. The pro version will have “Pro” in the plugin name. You might want to remove the free version before installing the pro version to keep things simple.

* Note on Caching, if you are using a speed optimization or caching plugin it is very important to clear your cache for the plugin to function correctly. Please clear both your browser and site cache after activation.

Step 3:  Register the site and change the look of the plugin

  • After the pro plugin has been activated, you will find a new menu item in the “Contact” menu (Contact Form 7 menu) called “CF7 Image Captcha”
  • After clicking into the CF7 Image Captcha menu, you will be taken to the pro plugin options page
  • At the top of the page, you will see the License Key text field, paste your License Key in here click the activate button, if the button is not visible, go to the button of the page and press the update button, after the page reloads you should then see an activate button below the License Key text field at the top of the page, click that button to register the site so the plugin can receive updates.
  • Alternatively, you can register your site by going to your purchase history  like in step one above and
    • Click”View Licenses”
    • Click  “Manage Sites”
    • Enter your site into the input field (
    • Click Add site

Step 4:  Add to form

  • Place [cf7ic] to your contact form 7 forms
  • TEST YOUR FORM – while the Image CAPTCHJA plugin has been thoroughly tested, not all WordPress sites are the same, please test your form to confirm the CAPTCHA is working and that emails are still coming to your inbox.

If the plugin does not work, please try the following troubleshooting tips which has proven to solve the issue 90% of the time:

  • Clear browser cache
  • Clear site cache if using a caching or speed optimization plugin
  • Temporarily disable any speed optimization or caching plugin to determine if that is the cause of the issue, if the plugin works with the speed optimization or caching plugin disabled, then you will need to adjust your speed optimization or cache settings, these settings will usually affect the JavaScript files. The one setting that is usually at fault in some speed optimization plugins is the  JavaScript minification/reduction/combination option. Please note that this plugin has been tested with WP Rocket (which I personally use and recommend), WP Fastest Cache, and W3 Total Cache, however, this plugin should work with any speed optimization plugin, you just need to keep in mind that you may need to tweak the settings.
  • Try disable the CAPTCHA Lazy Loading (Ajax) option by checking the box in the CAPTCHA settings page

If the above solutions did not solve the problem, then it might be a compatibility issue with another plugin or your theme, in which case, please create a ticket.

If the CAPTCHA is working but does not look right, this could be due to the styling of either another plugin or your theme overriding the CAPTCHA styling, in which case you can reach out to me through the ticket system and I can work with you to correct the styling issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a honey pot field?

A honey pot is an input field which is hidden from human users inside your form, when bots fill the your form, they are usually programed to fill every field, if the honey pot field is filled, the form does not submit.

What is the difference between the honey pot and the reverse honey pot

The All-In-One Image CAPTCHA plugin includes both a standard honey pot field as well as a reverse honey pot field, both of these fields are on by default. The reverse honey pot is the opposite of a standard honey pot field, it starts out pre-filled, once the user interacts with the form using keyboard, mouse, or touch interactions, the field is then cleared allowing the form to submit, this action is an attempt to determine human users vs bots auto-populating the form.

How do I add my own Icons?

Simply install the plugin Safe SVG By Daryll Doyle, upload your SVGs to your Media Library, Enable SVGs through the plugin options and add your custom SVG icons through the Choose Default Icons option.

Along with this new option, you can also use a shortcode [ ai1ic-svg id=”example” ] to pull in those SVG’s into your theme. For Example, if you uploaded an SVG called blue-bird.svg and you wanted to use that SVG on your site, you would add this shortcode [ ai1ic-svg id="blue-bird" ]. Make sure you do not include .svg or the icon will not appear.

Some of the shortcode options are:
id: The SVG file name without .svg.
output: There are three options, inline will output the SVG code directly into the site which helps improve site performance by reducing network requests, image will place your SVG in an image tag, and url will output the SVG src link if you prefer to add it to your own image tag.
alt: Add your own image alt tag description, Example alt=”Blue Bird”.

Where are the settings found?

The settings can be found under the contact form 7 menu. Simply log in, hover over the “Contact” sidebar menu item, and click “CF7 Image CAPTCHA”

How do you add the image captcha to the forms?

  • Contact Form 7: Simply add this shortcode [cf7ic] to your form above the submit button
  • Gravity Forms: In the form editor, click Advanced Fields, then click or drag the Image CAPTCHA option
  • Login Screen: In the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA Pro Settings page, go to the Login Page Options tab and check the boxes to indicate which login forms you wish to include the CAPTCHA.

Why is the toggle not working?

There are two possible reasons why the toggle might not be working. 1) If you copied an example shortcode the double quotation marks might be wrong, please try to change the double quotes. “Correct” vs “Wrong” 2) If the quotation marks are no the problem, there might be an error on your website which is preventing the code from working correctly.

How can I download the latest version of the plugin if I am unable to update it from my site?

Manual download instruction:

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in if needed
  3. Click the View Details and Downloads link
  4. Under PRODUCTS click on the cf7-image-captcha-pro link

I ran out of site licenses or my domain has changed, how can I deactivate a license for one of my sites?

As of version 8.0, you can deactivate a site license by going to the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA Pro Settings page and clicking on the Register Plugin License, you should now see a Deactivate License button.

Alternatively, you can manage your site licenses by doing the following:

  1. Go to:
  2. Log in if needed
  3. Click View Licenses
  4. Click Manage Sites
  5. Click Deactivate Site for the site you wish to deactivate

Note that you can also manually add a site from here as well.

How to translate your custom icon label in WPML

  1. Log into your site
  2. Navigate to WPML->String Translation in the admin menu
  3. On the String Translation page find your custom strings, the names will be listed under “text1” and “text2”
  4. Click on the plus “+” icon for the language you would like to add the translation for
  5. In the popup box enter your translations
  6. Once satisfied with your translation, click anywhere on the screen outside of the popup box and your new translations will be saved.

Once you have completed the steps above, test the form, you should now see the custom strings translated.

How to add the CAPTCHA to the login page

  1. Log into your site
  2. Go to the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA settings page
  3. Click Login Page Options
  4. Click the “Enable CAPTCHA for login screen” checkbox
  5. (Optional) Click the “Enable CAPTCHA for lost password screen” checkbox
  6. (Optional) Click the “Enable CAPTCHA for registration screen” checkbox
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”

There are additional settings in the Login Page Options page to change the look of the login screen by changing out the WordPress logo with your own logo, add a custom message below the logo such as a welcome text or alerts, add a background color or image and changing the look of the login form itself.

Pro Settings page

8.10.19 [04/21/2023]

  • Language support: Corrected Turkish file name

8.10.18 [04/18/2023]

  • Language support: Added Turkish

8.10.17 [01/26/2023]

  • Fixed bug introduced by Contact Form 7 version 5.7.3 which prevented the CAPTCHA from rendering. Thanks @patrick1994 for providing the fix.

8.10.16 [01/12/2023]

  • Bugfix: Corrected critical error which occurred when using the login CAPTCHA with no other plugins installed
  • Language support: Added French (Canada)

8.10.15 [09/26/2022]

  • Automatically disable the login CAPTCHA if the plugin Wordfence Login Security is enabled. This resolves an issue where 2FA interferes with the login validation function used by the Image CAPTCHA.

8.10.14 [09/01/2022]

  • Fixed issue where validation errors were not showing due to the Contact Form 7 version 5.6 update

8.10.13 [06/01/2022]

  • New: You can now disable the CAPTCHA for logged in users
  • Enhancement: Added new option Box Margin Bottom to set the spacing between the CAPTCHA and the submit button
  • Bugfix: Added FontAwesome font to the dashboard to fix the issue with the “Choose Default Icons” settings which prevented people from modifying their options after saving their selected icons.
  • Bugfix: Fixed styling issue with CAPTCHA on WPForms
  • Bugfix: Fixed ajax issue with WPForms
  • Language support: Updated Polish language

8.10.12 [01/20/2022]

  • Language support: Added German (Austria) or Deutsch (Ă–sterreich)
  • Language support: Added German (Switzerland) or Deutsch (Schweiz)
  • Bugfix: Additional code corrections for the JavaScript Uncaught TypeError issue, as reported in support ticket #7891

8.10.11 [01/14/2022]

  • Bugfix: Resolved language path error for WordPress installations using alternative file paths, as reported in support ticket #7891

8.10.10 [12/09/2021]

  • Bugfix: Resolved JavaScript Uncaught TypeError issue, as reported in support ticket #7891

8.10.9 [11/15/2021]

  • Language: Corrected Spanish translation errors

8.10.8 [11/04/2021]

  • Bugfix: The Image CAPTCHA now works in login forms that load in popup boxes, but it requires that you check the Disable Lazy Load (Ajax) option on the Image CAPTCHA plugin settings page.
  • Bugfix: Added missing screen reader instructions when the default instructions are used
  • 3rd party compatibility: Theme support added for the Riode theme
  • Language: Additional corrections to Spanish translation

8.10.7 [10/29/2021]

  • Language: Corrected Spanish translation errors

8.10.6 [10/13/2021]

  • Language: Corrected Spanish translation errors

8.10.5 [10/08/2021]

  • Language: Updated German (formal), capitalized nouns

8.10.4 [10/04/2021]

  • Plugin support: Minor update to fix multi-step checkout process when using Germanized for WooCommerce Pro By vendidero

8.10.3 [09/29/2021]

  • Language support: Minor update to French language

8.10.2 [09/17/2021]

  • Language support: Updated Greek language

8.10.1 [09/01/2021]

  • Enhancement: Added Toggle option to Gravity Forms Image CAPTCHA field
  • Enhancement: Changed versioning system from one decimal (1.0) to two decimals (1.0.0) for better clarity on the type of update
  • Bugfix: Corrected issue where toggle would not work if ajax is disabled
  • Bugfix: Corrected issue where the stylesheet was no longer loading on the login page

8.10 [08/30/2021]

  • Improvement: Updated the Changelog versioning numbers for minor updates
  • Bug: Fixed undefined PHP variables
  • Bug: Fixed French language translation not loading
  • Language: German updates, capitalized nouns, and reverted some strings to previous version

8.9 [08/28/2021]

  • Fixed: Corrected a bug in the JavaScript that appeared in version 8.7 which was reported only moments after I released version 8.8

8.8 [08/27/2021]

  • Improvement: Updated default CAPTCHA styling to reduce the spacing when CAPTCHA drops to two lines of text
  • Improvement: Translated additional text in plugin settings.
  • Fixed: Corrected FOUT issue where the CAPTCHA would appear unstyled in Gravity Forms for a second causing the CAPTCHA to flash
  • Fixed: Corrected translation change from version 8.7 which broke the translations unless you had the free version of the plugin installed

8.7 [08/26/2021]

  • Improvement: Changed last remaining jQuery code to plain JavaScript for those who wish to remove the jQuery library from the front of their site. Contact Form 7 is currently the only form plugin that does not require jQuery.
  • Fixed: Corrected translation issue where validation text would not be translated on multilingual sites.
  • Fixed: Corrected translation issue where text would change back to default language on translated pages when Ajax was active on multilingual sites.
  • Fixed: Corrected issue where CAPTCHA could not be solved after the first attempt if AJAX was disabled

8.6 [07/28/2021]

  • Improvement: Added a Documentation tab to the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA settings page
  • Fixed: The [cf7ic] shortcode can now be placed anywhere in the CF7 form, prior to this, if the shortcode was placed on the top of the form above all other fields, the validation would not trigger
  • Fixed: Prevented login screen styling from changing if CAPTCHA is not enabled on login screen
  • Fixed: Corrected several undefined variable PHP Notices
  • Improvement: Cleaned up some styling issues in the CAPTCHA Options and Login Page Options screen

8.5 [07/09/2021]

  • New: Added basic WPForms support. You can now enable the Image CAPTCHA on all WPForms by checking the “Enable CAPTCHA for WPForms.” checkbox in the CAPTCHA Options under “Other Forms”. I plan on expanding the settings for WPForms in future releases to selectively choose which WPForms you wish to include the CAPTCHA on, as well as include options to enable the toggle function to hide the CAPTCHA by default for WPForms.

8.4 [06/08/2021]

  • Fixed: Updated login authentication code to work with Two Factor Authentication functions (2FA)
  • Fixed: Changed Greek language file name so it will work correctly

8.3 [05/21/2021]

  • Fixed: Corrected issue with the Gravity Forms validation which prevented the CAPTCHA from working correctly on Gravity Forms using multi-step form layouts
  • Improvement: Disabled autocomplete on honeypot fields to help reduce false positives
  • Language support: Added Greek translation

8.2 [05/12/2021]

  • Fixed: Corrected issue with the toggle which prevented it from working correctly
  • Improvement: re-built the toggle jQuery function with plain JavaScript and moved it into the JavaScript file removing it from being inline jQuery

8.1 [05/06/2021]

  • Fixed: Corrected issue where the comment form was ignoring the comment settings and posting comments right away
  • Fixed: Corrected issue where the CAPTCHA validation was being run even when the CAPTCHA was disabled for comments

8.0 [04/29/2021]

  • NEW: SVG support has been added to allow you to add your own custom icons, improve speed, reduce webpage size, and make it harder for bots to solve the CAPTCHAs
  • NEW: You can now deactivate your license directly from the site
  • NEW: Auto-update function now available
  • Improvement: Added admin notices to license activation process
  • Improvement: Cleaned up the Register Plugin License page
  • Improvement: The plugin no longer requires jQuery on the front end of the site, all jQuery functions have been switched out with plain JavaScript
  • Improvement: made minor JavaScript changes to the settings page
  • Improvement: Made minor changes to the styles
  • Improvement: Updated license activation functions to be more reliable
  • Improvement: Updated the plugin update function to be more reliable
  • Fixed: Corrected issue that prevented license activation
  • Fixed: Corrected CAPTCHA’s HTML output by removing an unnecessary nested paragraph tag which was causing extra spaces

7.6 [03/17/2021]

  • Fixed issue that added empty paragraph tags before and after the CAPTCHA

7.5 [03/12/2021]

  • Changed some jQuery functions for plain JavaScript in a step towards not relying on the jQuery library for those who wish to run a site without jQuery now that Contact Form 7 has removed its dependency on that library.
  • Added option to turn off honeypots
  • Fixed issue where extra paragraph tags were being generated between the CAPTHCA and the validation message
  • Fixed PHP warning by changing wp_localize_script to wp_add_inline_script

7.4 [02/24/2021]

  • NEW: Basic support added for the default unaltered WordPress comment form. The CAPTCHA may not work on comment forms that have been altered to use ajax or that have been altered to show additional fields, full support to come.
  • Changed plugin name to All-In-One Image CAPTCHA
  • Changed the value of the reverse honeypot field from Captain Benjamin Sisko to a random string for added security
  • Fixed bug introduced by Contact Form 7 version 5.4

7.3 [11/18/2020]

  • NEW: Added support for the default WordPress Lost Password page
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an issue with the registration function which prevented the plugin from registering the site from the plugin options

7.2 [11/14/2020]

  • FIX: Corrected database table creation function which prevented the database table from being created for some sites

7.1 [11/13/2020]

  • FIX: corrected a bug with the reverse honeypot where form was unable to submit on the second try

7.0 [11/13/2020]

  • NEW: Gravity Forms support added after merging in the Gravity Forms Image CAPTCHA
  • Improvement: This plugin is now ADA/a11y compliant with the addition of screen reader support. Previously this plugin only provided keyboard accessibility.
  • Improvement: Added a reverse honeypot that checks for human interaction on a page, this will protect against bots that auto fill forms. This will not interfere with human triggered auto fill form functions since you are still required to select the correct icon.
  • Improvement: Updated current honeypot fields to be more “enticing” to bots
  • Improvement: Added an additional validation check to protect against bots programed to bypass the All-in-one Image CAPTCHA by submitting previous correct hashed answers
  • Improvement: Cleaned up Register Plugin License tab
  • Fix: Corrected a bug in the Registration settings that cleared CAPTCHA Options when a license is saved
  • Refactored code
  • Added Polish translation

6.9 [10/22/2020]

  • Fixed broken translation line in the Spanish (es) file

6.8 [09/02/2020]

  • NEW: You can now add the Image CAPTCHA to the WooCommerce login and registration forms when activated through the CAPTCHA Options page.
  • Updated all translation files to include WordPress and WooCommerce login and registration captcha error messages

6.7 [08/10/2020]

  • Added theme support for the “tm housepress” theme by “Template Monster”


  • NEW: You can now add an Image CAPTCHA to the registration form when turned on through the Login Page Options.
  • Added language support for Deutsche (Sie) – Thanks Sandro Lucifora
  • Added wpml-config file – Thanks Sandro Lucifora


  • [05/25/2020] Fixed a PHP warning


  • [05/23/2020] Fixed a bug for PHP version 7.2 (I was working on the plugin in PHP 7.3)


  • [05/23/2020] Full compatibility for “Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields” by Jules Colle. Conditional Fields had been an ongoing issue for this plugin for a while now due to how CF does their validations, however I was finally able to come up with a solution that will allow this plugin to function normally with CF installed.


  • Fixed registration issue
  • Fixed problem where on some sites, autofill would fill in one of the honeypot fields


  • Fixed issue where some themes were overriding the FontAwesome font which is used to generate the icons


As of version 6.0 we are working towards turning the Contact Form 7 Image Captcha Pro plugin into the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA plugin, this updated plugin will eventually include all of the CAPTCHA plugins. With version 6.0 we have included the Login Screen Image CAPTCHA which allows you to include the image CAPTCHA on the login screen to improve login security. The new update also allows you to customize your login screen. Please follow the steps to install the pro version:

  • Included WP Login Image CAPTCHA functionality as part of our move towards changing Contact Form 7 Image CAPTCHA to the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA plugin
  • Refactored code
  • Added a Settings link to the plugin’s quick links on the plugins page


  • Fixed issue where captcha image label was being changed from inline block to block by some themes


  • Added Czech translation
  • Added class to CAPTCHA instruction text
  • Fixed Italian language file extensions


  • Fixed toggle bug: If you have multiple forms on a page with toggle active, only the form focused on will show the icons. (Thanks Bastian Böhm)
  • Updated car in Mexican translation file from coches to carro


  • Fixed compatibility issue with themes where label width is set to 100% which caused icons to appear vertically


  • Fixed compatibility issue with “Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields” by Jules Colle… again


  • Fixed php count() error
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  • Added Spanish (ES) translation
  • Added Persian translation
  • Updated German translation


  • Improved honeypot for better spam protection from bots
  • Added option to select number of icons you wish to display (more icons makes it harder for bots to guess)
  • Added Icon Title Style options (bold, italic, bold/italic)
  • Moved Icon Title Color from Icon Style section to Text Styling section
  • Made CAPTCHA keyboard accessible
  • Added back missing styles for the plugin’s admin options page
  • Fixed minor php errors
  • Refactored options page code
  • Added back code to make plugin compatible with “Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields” by Jules Colle. NOTE for sites with conditional fields installed: For the time being ALL your forms will need the Image CAPTCHA shortcode to work, otherwise your form will fail to send.
  • Added option to turn off ajax loading


  • Refactored code
  • Image CAPTCHA refresh function now works with caching plugins
  • Lazy loading added to reduce website load time


  • Added Russian translation


  • Fixed styling bug that broke payment form
  • Moved the backend plugin settings styling from the frontend stylesheet to its own backend stylesheet
  • Added Italian language support


  • Now compatible with “Smart Grid-Layout Design for Contact Form 7” by Aurovrata V.


  • Added fallback styling in the event the icons are changed from a webfont to SVG’s


  • Now compatible with “Contact Form 7 Conditional Fields” by Jules Colle


  • Added custom error messaging


  • Fixed problem with icon size not changing when set on settings page


  • Fixed toggle which broke in version 3.0


  • Image CAPTCHA now refreshes after each submission
  • Improved the spam protection by changing answers to hashes to make it harder to spoof by bots


  • Added function to deactivate free version on activation if free version is present and currently active
  • Made function names unique to avoid conflict with free version


  • NEW: Added toggle functionality to hide CAPTCHA until form is interacted with [cf7ic “toggle”]


  • Made small style change to icons to prevent themes from overwriting the font size


  • Made FontAwesome library local to make plugin GDPR compliant
  • Fixed deprecated contact form 7 tag
  • Fixed php notices
  • Fixed styling issue in settings panel


  • Fixed styling issue in settings panel where labels for colors were not displaying properly


  • NEW: Added custom icon support, you can now add any icon available in FontAwesome
  • Added a tag generator button to the contact form 7 form controls so you do not have to manually type in the shortcode into the form. The option box this button brings up will eventually include the image captcha styling options


  • Fixed custom message bug


  • Refactored code
  • Improved method to include style sheet so its only included when plugin is in use.
  • Fixed validation message, you will now see “Please select an icon.” when icon is not selected on submit and “Please select the correct icon.” when the wrong icon was selected on submit.


  • Fixed spacing issue with the text in the Image CAPTCHA box


  • Updated version support
  • Add Spanish (MX) language support


  • Bug fix: Added missing prefix to the spam check function


  • Initial Release



    Please submit a ticket to report bugs or request updates/features