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[06/22/2022] Contact Form 7 just released version 5.6 which changed the way validation works, this change has broken the validation message for the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA Pro plugin for Contact Form 7. I am working on a fix, unfortunately, the CF7 developer is still writing the documentation for the new validation method. I will push an update as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can either keep your Contact Form 7 on version 5.5 or disable the CAPTCHA plugin until the update has been released.
If you have already updated to version 5.6 you can download version 5.5 and re-install it and disable auto-update.
I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

[02/24/2021] Contact Form 7 released version 5.4 today which introduced a JavaScript error to the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA pro plugin (Formerly Contact Form 7 Image CAPTCHA Pro) which prevents it from working with Contact Form 7 forms. Please update the All-In-One Image CAPTCHA Pro plugin to version 7.4 as soon as possible. The free version which does not use JavaScript was not affected.