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Real-Time Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be vital for the growth of any business, unfortunately, this feedback in most cases comes in the form of one-star reviews which can seriously hurt your business, so what can you do to help get healthy customer feedback without jeopardizing your overall ratings on social media platforms and Google? Many times one-star…

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Tips on Selling WordPress plugins

If you are thinking of selling WordPress plugins, you will find that it’s an exciting business opportunity with many ups and downs. Here are just a few lessons I’ve learned selling plugins and what you can expect in your own adventure. Start out small I didn’t start out selling plugins right away, it all started…

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Website Refresh, Part 1: How I Managed a Perfect Speed Score

2021 was the year I decided I was going to rebuild my aging website using every speed optimization and accessibility technique that I had learned since the last time I redesigned my website. In the past few years, I had a large focus on speed and user accessibility which was part of the driving force…

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