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Real-Time Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be vital for the growth of any business, unfortunately, this feedback in most cases comes in the form of one-star reviews which can seriously hurt your business, so what can you do to help get healthy customer feedback without jeopardizing your overall ratings on social media platforms and Google?

Many times one-star reviews are given when customers are unable to find a quick method for reaching out, the best ways to help mitigate unhealthy reviews is to provide your customers with easy, accessible methods of reaching out to you with their feed-back, here are some suggestions:


Providing your customers with feed-back surveys is a great way to get healthy feedback without jeopardizing your business ratings with bad reviews.

Many companies will send their customers am emails with links to a survey after a product was purchased or a service was provided, this allows the customer a way to provide direct feed-back without resorting to bad reviews.

You can easily add a survey to your website for any number of survey types, simply by using a Survey Plugin.

Contact Forms

Providing easy to find contact forms on your site is another way to allow customers to provide healthy-feedback without resorting to bad reviews.

Providing short, simple contact forms directly on your home page and secondary pages is a great practice as it helps customers contact you quickly with minimal effort.

Phone Numbers

Another simple method for providing customers with healthy means of feedback is to make sure that your business phone number is easy to find, often this means providing it in the header and/or footer of your site so that it can be accessed no matter which page the customer is on.

Final Thoughts

Providing your customers with surveys, contact forms, and easy to find phone numbers are all great tools, but unless you actually respond to the feedback through action, they amount to nothing and can actually make things worse.

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer then trying to reach out in a healthy manner, only to have their emails ignored with no response from the company, phone calls going unanswered, and survey data unused.

Be sure you follow through with the feedback you get, correct issues, take customer advise seriously, and use survey data to improve services or products, otherwise both you and your customer efforts are wasted.