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Website Packages

All of the sites I build are: unique, custom built, fast, secure, accessible, and mobile ready.
I do not supply content/text for the website, you will either have to provide your own content or hire a content writer. I can refer you to a content writer that I use for most of my projects.

Build Cost

Basic: $1000

  • 10 Pages
  • Simple Contact Form
  • Minimal Animations
  • Simple Design

Premium: $2,000

  • 30 Pages
  • Complex Forms
  • Animations
  • Complex Designs
  • Custom Built Tools (Registration systems, Galleries, Calendar and Event systems, etc…)

Specialty: $5,000

  • Includes Premium features
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Network
  • Progressive Web App (PWA – Allows your website to be installed on a phone and function like an app)
  • Complex Designs

Hosting and Management


$10/ month
$100/ Year 
Save $20


$40/ month
$400/ Year 
Save $80

Hosting + Management

$45/ month
$450/ Year
Save $90

Management includes: small edits, new content, site up-keep, software updates, regular backups, security management.

Payment Options

I will send you an invoice for the work done which you can pay online with your credit/debit card, but I will accept other means of payment.
I do not ask for any money down, you can pay the entire balance on delivery or we can discuss a payment plan.

Referral Program

Want to make some extra money?
If you refer someone to us and they purchase any of our packages, we will pay you a finders fee of a quarter of whichever package the person you referred purchases.
You could earn $125 for the basic package, $750 for the premium package and $1250 for the e-commerce package!